Tia Davies



Artist’s Statement

Photographer Tia Davies explores the themes of time, memory and repetition in her latest personal project. Using black and white, analogue photography, the artist captures her Grandmother, Dolly, in her late stages of mixed dementia which has left in its wake: an alternative repeated, routine of life.
Memory is an important part of existence. It allows one to create routines of repetition through time. The artist uses photography as a form of preservation throughout her practise. Living Doll documents the relationship that is re-built with every encounter between Grandmother and Grandaughter, an encounter which is emotionally difficult for the artist. 
The relationship between Davies and Dolly, only exists for a few moments before beginning again. These lucid moments are reflected within the portraits. The still life photographs represent Dolly; each one being symbolic of the important events and people in her life. Although the memories are lost and time is now obscured, the artist has used photography as a tool to protect her Grandmother from being defined by dementia.