Martyna Jurczyszyn

Artist’s Statement

In her latest series, Rodzina, photographer Martyna Jurczyszyn captures her family members within the domestic space. The artist has lost a family member in the recent year, which has made her contemplate the concept of time passing. Using digital photography to control the exposure time, the artist is able to visually represent this contemplation whilst exploring the theme of mortality. Every 5-6 seconds, 9 people in the world die. Jurczyszyn uses her photography as a tool of representation for fear, love and loss.

Each image begins to explore the relationships between the artist and her family, as all are captured carrying out activities in which she associates with the individuals. Time is often taken for granted and these daily activities normally overlooked. However, Jurczyszyn has taken these moments of 5-6 seconds and translated them into a static, moving photograph.