Ben Avery

Artist’s Statement

Ben Avery is a British photographer and gender theory enthusiast, who is currently embarking on his final year’s work looking into the lives and stories of the transgender community that reside both in Berlin and his home county, Kent. Ben’s passion is to experience and share positively, the amazing stories and lives of groups that are seen as a minority in the generic public eye, and he believes if more people were to hear and understand these stories of what these communities have to go through to be accepted, people may begin to be more accepting.

 After his research into the representation of the transgender community in German photography, Berlin was chosen due to the city having a very known and unique history when it comes to the acceptance of certain sexualities and genders. Ben has captured by photography, the everyday lives and stories of a handful of individuals from the transgender community showing that we all live the same and we should embrace gender fluidity and accept people for whom they wish to be.