Hannah Vigors



A Sculptural Journey

22 from Kent

Artist Statement

The Silent Crime 

Hannah Vigors is an experimental photographer who enjoys capturing and manipulating exterior environments. In her latest series, ‘The Silent Crime’ Vigors focuses on the shocking crime of domestic violence towards women. Vigors was shocked by the statistics that one woman in four will come into contact with domestic violence in their lifetime. Domestic violence is the least likely violent crime to be reported to the police, with more repeat victims than any other crime. Vigors was concerned by the lack of publicity towards this crime which costs at least one woman their life every three days in England and Wales. And yet this is not brought to our attention by the news and media, yet again the victims are left silent with no voice. To capture these series of photographs Vigors has used a Mamiya RZ67 camera, and ISO 160 colour film. When capturing these photographs Vigors used a black background and natural sunlight. This beautiful silent statue has been manipulated to show domestic violence, with the use of black tape, and a hammer to symbolise the brutality of this silent crime. The significant positioning of the tape over the eyes and mouth has taken away the victims identity and freedom of speech. Vigors wanted these photographs of the beautiful statue to represent the many women who are affected by the silent crime that is domestic violence.  

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