YingYing Gan

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Yingying Gan is an MA Photography student at the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester. Gan is interested in the impact of contemporary residential mobility. Her current work ‘Disorientation’ is a set of staged faceless images about the experience of Asian overseas students in UK and it is based on an investigation of interior spaces. She focuses on the confusion of the border between the home and the world, through square images that shape the enclosed narrow rooms in student halls. This is where the subjects get stranded in an in-between state of being at a temporary home and nostalgically feeling homelessness. Through symbolic interior objects the cultural identities are exposed, while the partially hidden faces keeps their personal identity anonymous. The camera itself becomes a bystander that is neither too close and nor too far away while allowing the viewers to be a part of the displacement of the Asian students, to feel nostalgic for them but remain helpless to enable them in any way.

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