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Quoting love:

Positive comments for LGBT


Quoting Love is a photography project run by Robert Roach, a mixed media photographer, and graphic designer. Quoting Love is the final piece for the photography degree at UCA Rochester (Kent). As an openly gay man in a long-term relationship, the project investigates the depiction of LGBTQ, both through quotes and photographs. QuotingLove has not been accepted in to the ArtsPride (2015) Expo Exhibition in London, being shown at the end of February.

QuotingLove in a literal sense, is a project that presents positive quotes for LGBTQ, combining photographic portraits with their ‘words of wisdom’. QuotingLove is a community photographic project, which takes the form of portraits alongside embossed text. The portraits are taken by Robert Roach as well as being submitted though the QuotingLove website to extend the reach of the project to a wider audience. The intention for this project is that a range of images will be received from around the world, showing acceptance in different forms, from a wide diversity of people. All images will be shown on the QuotingLove website as well as through social media outlets. In addition a large selection of images will be show at the Free Range exhibition at London in June. Some examples of the work are shown below; submissions are invited at, where also the full range of submissions are shown.

This exploration into gender has developed from  the research already carried out in a previous project entitled Jeal-Roach. This investigated the deconstruction of the body which was then abstracted and constructed in a photographic media. As the deconstruction became more abstracted this seemed to interject with the concept that small elements of a person’s psyche is important; as Judith Butler stated in the book title – Bodies that Matter. The subjectivity, freedom and agency start to become more apparent after being in a long term relationship where the interaction of personalities overlap. This project led to the consideration of possible wider community outlets, and how ‘others’ perceive their identity, in a positive context, creating




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