Nicholas Constant

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20 years after the end of conflict, Bosnia remains frozen in a post-war era that has been fairly peaceful yet remains divided as ever.
Evidence from the war is still evident in the everyday with war tribunals still in action, mass graves being discovered, mine contamination and bullet holes scattered across numerous buildings. These scars of war are constant reminders that Bosnia is frozen in this unique post-war era. With recent protests happening due to the unemployment rate being so high and the mishandling of privatizations, the after effects from the war are apparent in the modern day. As Bosnia attempts to recover from this atrocity, the scars remain a reflection of troubles that still haunt Bosnia today.
By photographing select scenes in both entities of Bosnia, I aim to discuss current issues using the scars from its past. I want to explore the evidence of war to show how this country has progressed little from its initial post-war state. By turning my camera away from the people and current happenings, I will photograph slow, quiet imagery, mimicking Bosnia’s slow and quiet progression since the war. Composing my images in a formal manor I want to reflect a documentary approach, forcing the viewer to read into the imagery and try to understand the happenings here and how it reflects the modern situation. I will also photograph places of importance to the war to achieve a contrast between beauty and horror.



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