Martin Garwood

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Acts of Enclosure:

“The only thing we have to preserve wildness with is domesticity “,

Wendell Berry (1987)


Maybe it is an inevitable consequence of being human that we are both part of nature and yet apart from it. We seek closeness to natural things, and seem to retain fundamental desires for a form of wildness but in the act of being part of nature, of finding a home there, we cannot help but change it,  to possess it on our terms and make it human.

I am interested in how the idea of nature is constructed, how it infiltrates into our imaginations, and shows itself in the sites where we make these encounters – places and landscapes – and how we try to hide these effects and their histories. Natural themes are an important part of our domestic environment too in the things we buy and put on the walls, and wallpaper occurs in much of my photography. We use it to project a feeling, to signal that this is home and as a form of camouflage.

This project explores how objects and structures might reflect our ambivalent relationship to nature and how this can be represented in photographs. It enters the space between the real and the imagined that is enclosed within the camera, where the photograph camouflages its constructedness, simultaneously showing and hiding.

I am in the final year of my Masters Degree in Photography at the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester, Kent.


Martin Garwood



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