Agne Bekeraityte

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The award for a commendation from photomonitor in 2015 goes to : Agne Bekeraityte.

Agne really impressed me with her final project. I found her images fresh and distinctive with their bold forms on the wall, which worked to sculpturally and psychologically frame the subject matter. It was interesting for me to consider her choice of young male subjects, whose bodies interacted and were challenged by architectural shapes and were also symbolic of wider politlcal issues when considering the title referencing the Lithuanian freedom song. I could see possible fashion applications of this composition and reception within an art context. It’s refreshing to see someone already hitting the ground running in terms of thinking about photography in commerce as well as art, and knowing what kind of images may provide an entree to both areas. I am pleased to award Agne a Photomonitor commendation and look forward to featuring her work on our online magazine in the coming months.

-Christiane Monarchi
Editor, Photomonitor




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